Simplifying Your

COMPASS by CyRAACS can help you manage multiple compliance requirements in a single portal. COMPASS allows you to build custom frameworks based on your business and compliance requirements.

Personal digital security

Robust compliance management with customizable workflows and reports.

Streamlined audit management with automated workflows and reporting.

Efficient issues management to identify, prioritize, and resolve gaps and non-conformities.

Easy-to-use reporting to provide actionable insights and drive continuous improvement.

30+ Comprehensive control libraries to help meet compliance requirements.

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Your GRC Simplified

Accelerate efficiency, encourage collaboration, and effectively connect your teams to navigate today’s dynamic risk environment.

Save 30%

Cost savings of up to 30% compared to traditional, manual compliance processes

Efficiency upto 50%

Reduced manual effort and increase in efficiency by up to 50% in the compliance process

Integrated Risk Assessment

Integrated risk assessment and management tools

Updated Libraries

Pre-designed libraries covering over 30+ Global Standards, Regulations and Frameworks


Real-time visibility into compliance status across your organization

Flexible Prices

Scalable and flexible pricing models for different organization sizes

Efficiency Unleashed: Inside COMPASS Features and Outcomes


COMPASS empowers you to achieve security and privacy compliance effortlessly, ensuring your organization is audit-ready at any time. Benefit from a unified view of your compliance posture, measure controls’ effectiveness, and track critical issues and exceptions with precision. 

Simplify collaborations across stakeholders, making the journey towards compliance not just efficient but transformative. With COMPASS, the future of GRC is here, and it’s designed for your success.

Simplify collaborations across stakeholders, making the journey towards compliance not just efficient but transformative. With COMPASS, the future of GRC is here, and it’s designed for your success.

Simplify Compliance using COMPASS

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Build a Compliance Program

  • Choose your Control Frameworks – ISO, SOC 2, NIST etc.
  • Map Control Owners
2 (1)

Build your Risk Library

  • Build your Risk Library and map to Control Frameworks 
  • Map Risk Owners
  • Assess Risk and Plan Risk Treatment
4 (1)

Issues and Exceptions Tracking

  • Setup Issue Management Framework
  • Identify, Track and Close Issues and Exceptions
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Manage and Track your Compliance

  • Setup Assessment Schedule
  • Conduct Assessments and Assess Compliance
  • Remediate Gaps with actionable Recommendations
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  • Standard Assessments
  • Risk Management
  • Issue Management
  • Reporting

Standard Assessments

Get ready to leave your compliance worries and welcome streamlined, efficient compliance with COMPASS!

Risk Management

Unleash the power of proactive risk management with COMPASS. Our advanced data-driven approach helps you identify, assess, and treat risks with precision and confidence.

Issue Management

Abandon the mess of endless spreadsheets and redundant tools! Embrace a streamlined, integrated solution with COMPASS for effortless issue management!


Simplify compliance reporting with COMPASS – the ultimate tool for producing accurate, timely, high-quality reports.

The team behind COMPASS

At the heart of COMPASS is a dynamic team – a team united by a passion for cybersecurity and a commitment to delivering top-tier products and support.



With 100+ years of collective cybersecurity experience, our team offers unmatched expertise, visionary insight, and a deep understanding of evolving threats.



COMPASS has been built leveraging our obsessive focus on cybersecurity and our desire to solve complex challenges for our customers.



Committed to excellence, we ensure every aspect of COMPASS reflects our dedication to delivering top-tier cybersecurity solutions.


Customer service

Exceptional Customer Service is our highest priority, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of all solutions we build.

Frameworks Supported

COMPASS supports 30+ pre-designed libraries covering Global Standards, Regulations and Frameworks for Cyber Security and offers Customizable Frameworks and Reporting capabilities.

Global Standards and Frameworks

Regulatory Standards and Frameworks

Other Standards and Frameworks